With talks with the CSGO squad over a series of results for the team it has been concluded that there has been the removal of 3 members of the lineup;

• Cyberfocus
• Fix
• Crush

Following the removal of the 3 players left a need for 3 new individuals to fill the shoes & represent the organisation resulting in the addition of;

• ub1que
• El Patron
• facecrack

All three players will be joining arch & JMQA for all future fixtures and as a lineup representing the organisation in every upcoming event here is what Vladislav “ARCH” Svistov had to say about the roster change:-

“I am happy to announce that from this day our lineup is officially completed. We had a really difficult times playing as mixteam but in the end we managed to make a good and promising lineup. To start with, only me and jmqa left from our previous Preparation lineup, then we asked ub1que and El Patron if they wanna join us and they agreed. But it was really difficult to find a good fifth player who would fit us, but then we invited facecrack who was then released from team ANOX and he is a perfect addition. So we have an old PiTER trio who were one of the best CIS teams, me and El Patron and i really believe in this team. Even though we have many tournaments to play in for now, we will try not to repeat the mistakes we did with the old lineup, when we started playing officials even without starting practice. I hope for a bright future, so i would like to thank Team Preparation for their belief in us and our fans who were cheering for us in ups and downs, peace!

With the roster changes finalised here is what Yones Jallal - Team Preparations Owner & Co-CEO had to say about the roster movement:-

“After going through a few rough bumps with the current CS:GO lineup we have finally reached a roster which we ourselves believe in. We would like to thank Arch for his hard work together with JMQA, to put this final lineup together. We hope to be able to provide the highest level of CS to our fans in the future”.