#####Welcome Preparation.Yellow!

Team Preparation have signed a SECOND CS:GO team!

We want to start this announcement with saying that we are incredibly proud to welcome our fellow swedes; Meddo, krille, Shadow, Jensa and Bulghur as our second CS:GO team. This is a venture which have been planned for months and we have now finally found a suitable team for this endeavour.

This team not only has shown to us that they are dedicated, they have shown that they have the talent to rise above and this is a team which we truly believe plays with a passion for the competition.

The team recently played very well against their fellow Swedes, Epsilon by not only winning the first map, playing 16:14 the second one but falling short on their third and final map leaving them beaten 2:1.

In this announcement we will also try and cover all of the questions that would potentially pop up in your head but first here’s what our CEO and the team captain Johan “Meddo” Lundborg had to say about the project.

“We’re extremely thrilled to have found such young and ambitious talents to make this venture further into the CS:GO scene with. Even though we will still have our CIS team with us this is a project we will take very seriously by. We hope to provide them a home for the foreseeable future to help the guys grow as not only players but also individuals.” - CEO, Younes Churgi

“We are very happy to be a part of this new project by Team Preparation and their management, we believe that with their help and with their vision, we can become a future top level team. We thank them for this opportunity!” - Captain, Johan “Meddo” Lundborg


What happens to the other CS:GO team?

Our other CS:GO team will remain the same and we will remain to have the same roster. We hope for them to provide mentorship for our newer team as they take their next step towards being a professional Esports athlete.

Will this stop further expanding to more Esport titles?

No, this will not stop our plans to expand further into other games. We have a lot of exciting things going on and we have a lot more to come. We also have some thrilling news we hope to be able to announce in the coming week/weeks. Sit tight it’s coming soonTM.

Is this the same thing Godsent did with their “youth team”?

First of all before answering this question; Earlier this month the professional Esports org Godsent announced their further venture into the CS:GO space with their youth team.

Now, no. This is not a team which we ourselves consider to be a youth team, we do have a few young players which may or not have been seen by a lot of people before. This team will be our secondary CS:GO team, this does not mean that we will put less focus on either of the teams. Of course our CIS team will still remain to be our primary one and the structure between the teams may be different than what it would be with teams said to be equal. We hope for them to provide our second team with mentorship and general advisement from time to time to develop their game.

###Full Lineup:

Meddo: Twitter - Twitch

Shadow: Twitter - Twitch

Jensa: Twitter - Twitch

kriLLe: Twitter - Twitch

Bulghur: Twitter

###Thanks for everyone which keeps supporting the team, it really means a lot to us and we hope for you to be as excited for this new adventure!

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